GC Health Member Management and Service Center


To medical

As Japan medical association consortium only a overseas member units, the GC institutions with top Japanese doctors medical experts and medical resources, GC will introduce Japan's advanced medical equipment and leading technology, top medical experts, medical institutions of cooperation, with high quality and exclusive service ability scarcity, diversified, high-quality medical services for the general customers to provide the world's top.

The top resources and top experts

GC group as the only overseas members of medical group association in Japan, the Japanese doctors JMA medical experts, Japan's top medical service with high coordination.

The Japanese association for medical consortium

Japan medical association of consortium is Japan's top financial group, as the top decision-making seats, from political, business, business, academia, and other top executives to join the royal aristocracy.

Japanese doctors JMA

Japanese doctors (Japan Medical Association has more than 150000 people, members are all from Japan's top doctors and hospitals, diagnosis and treatment management.

Julie Shimazaki

Beijing city was born in Japan

Originally from grandfather Kyoto districts fujiwara aristocratic family

Mr Father repaired another one researcher professor of law at the university of Tokyo, Japan,

Mother kasum was born in Beijing, China

The 2005 international ymca school

Miss world Japan in the 2007 finals

Media department of the university of California at Los Angeles in 2008

HBoT television in 2010

In New York in 2012 to obtain qualification of "GIA international jewelry appraisal division"

The 2013 Tokyo central auction company overseas department heads

Gardner auction company overseas department director in 2017

In 2017 Japan coral combination

Japan medical association in 2018

Hobbies: riding, archery, dance, opera, opera