Medical Service

As Japan medical association consortium only a overseas member units, the GC institutions with top Japanese doctors medical experts and medical resources, GC will introduce Japan's advanced medical equipment and leading technology, top medical experts, medical institutions of cooperation, with high quality and exclusive service ability scarcity, diversified, high-quality medical services for the general customers to provide the world's top.

Real Estate Management

In China and Japan's most dynamic economic circle, the second line of large and medium-sized cities and internationally renowned leisure island, GC group to lead the international trend of architectural style, innovative design concept, to the local deep insight into customer needs, committed to the development of high-end real estate and courtyard.

Jewelry Service

GC group, deep tillage jewelry custom and asset management and other related services, has the world's authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls top expert. As a global leader in jewelry appraisal GIA top institutions (the American academy of jewelry), member of GC jewelry appraisal division team of excellence for individual and institutional clients in the world of jewelry appraisal, personal customization and wealth management services.

Financial Service

GC institutions for financial services in the world is engaged in the comprehensive financial services and investment banking, for individuals, companies, governments and institutions provide a wide range of financial products and services, including private wealth management, family wealth management, investment banking services, financial trading service, personal and corporate financing and other diversified business.

IT Technology

GC group is committed to developing new intelligent encryption technology, through continuous improvement of integration, further miniaturization, to reduce the cost, according to the specific application scenario development custom chip. Mainly used in smart identity card, passport, medical card, encrypted database, the specific use data card, etc; For such as cell phones, laptops, game consoles, audio-visual equipment, such as the public mobile handheld products, can make the equipment more miniature, light and portable, more privacy.