GC group energy business was established in September 2008 to provide global demanders with scarce resources such as oil and natural gas. From mining, oil and gas production to trading and refining, GC group high tech team is fully responsible. At present, GC group's energy business has provided energy products for nearly 100 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Dubai, etc., and helped the sound development of the global energy industry.

With years of experience and its relationships in different professional fields, GC energy has positioned itself globally, provided customers with a global energy Internet cooperation platform, and become a power vanguard in the energy industry.

GC group manages the supply of various petroleum products from various petroleum specialized companies, not only having the ability to supply oil from national petroleum companies, but also from private oil companies such as Esso, Caltex and shell. Our fueling business strictly follows the best practices of global industrial safety operations and the fueling guidelines of our customers. We have experienced offshore and onshore refueling teams.

Port services

GC group port services will also provide operations and activities such as shipyards and warehousing. GC group is also proud to offer a technology that provides practical energy water from its floating utility, which uses seawater as its energy source. This naval innovation provides alternative power and water for port operation and transportation.

Geographic services

Geographical research plays an important role in the exploration of oil or gas or other industries. We support customers in identifying potential natural reserves such as hydrocarbons, evaluating reservoirs and optimizing field exploration, development and production. Our geographic services range from:

  • Geotech solutions
  • EIA Consultant
  • soil investigation reservoir characterization and modeling
  • block assessment
  • field development
  • increase oil production rate

Oil and gas trade

As GC's nuclear business, GC group's oil and gas trading was completed in September 2008. In March 2020, GC established a subsidiary specializing in bulk goods such as crude oil, natural gas and energy in Dubai, taking an international step towards energy market trading.

Dubai (GC) company mainly deals in various types of crude oil (heavy and light), light cycle, D2, en590, M100 fuel oil, ESPO, carbon black, petroleum coke, ethylene tar, LPG, LNG, etc.

We have very deep friendship and in-depth cooperation with some major oil producing countries in the world. For example, the three major Russian oil companies, Saudi Aramco, shell oil and Nigerian oil companies can not only provide oil and gas products in short supply, but also get high-quality prices. Up to now, the downstream buyers we have cooperated with include China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

GC looks forward to working with you to create the future togeth