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 About GC Group

Thanks to the valued customers and partners from around the world of love and support, the GC GROUP with excellent market performance and steady strategic layout, through the vigorous development of 14 years.

GC institutions is the world's leading multinational integrated service agencies, was established in 2006, operates in more than 140 countries and regions, global hundreds of thousands of customers, focus on real estate, finance, jewelry, medical and other industries. Group headquarters is located in Hong Kong, China, in China, Japan and other countries and regions have offices and branches.

GC institutions, professionalization, internationalization, collaborative PIC elite management team, Professional, International, Cooperative), as well as the world's Leading, Experienced Professional and technical team, industry authority of the LEA (Leading, Experienced, Authoritative). GC organization management and service team insight into consumer upgrades, science and technology innovation, service integration development trend, such as increases in technology research and development, technology innovation, resource optimization, operational norms in the areas of investment and innovation, to layout of globalization and localization, systematic development of landing, personalized service of forward-looking strategic vision, form the collectivized scale development, provide integration services, start the overseas listing layout.

Relying on from JP Morgan, Nasdaq, HSBC, Japan medical association consortium, sumitomo mitsui banking, medical university of Tokyo, the American academy of gem GIA global excellent partner cooperation coordination and support, the GC institutions with diversified management layout, the scarcity of service resources and the differentiation of service ability, for the global customers with high value, high quality quality of excellent products and service experience.

 Global Strategy

GC institutions to customer value as the center, on a global scale to achieve diversification, precision investment layout, focus on building areas such as real estate, finance, jewelry, medical service resources scarcity and differentiated service ability, form the covering China Hong Kong, China, Japan and other countries and regions of branches and service network

 Chairman Message

In the global customers and partners from all walks of life in the industry of the care and support, the GC agency head passed 14 years. Here, on behalf of GC to our every customer and partner, sincere thank you!

From its inception, we always put clients' interests first, and constantly strengthen the innovative products and services, steadily expanding worldwide service resource and market landscape, in the medical services, real estate management, financial services, jewelry appraisal, and other fields has formed a complete operating system and service ability.

GC has an excellent professional management team and professional service team, as well as a number of industry authority, experienced expert advisers, relying on the innovation of service standards, powerful features in stable service network, product system, the GC won the customers trust and praise, has been a steady rise in revenue, profit and market territory, we will continue to deep product innovation and service innovation, maintained a strong momentum of development.

In 2018, the GC organization started to high-end medical service plan. We are a Japanese association for medical consortium only overseas member units, the association has from Japan doctors of the world's top medical experts and scarce medical resources. We hope, with exclusive advantage in the field of medical treatment and the profound basis of diverse industry, Japan the most advanced medical technology, top experts and service resources, to Chinese customers, to meet consumer demand in domestic medical and health services to upgrade to explore; At the same time, we also hope that with the aid of the medical service of bridge, for the sino-japanese cultural exchange and do a little contribution to the industry cooperation.

In 2019, the GC institutions start the Japanese main board listing plan, at the same time in the business development of intensify capital layout. We are looking forward to, in the next 14 years, and every customer and partners to build a blueprint, create dreams together, share the wealth, win-win future!

Company history

  • The GC group established in Hong Kong in January 2006

  • The GC group was established in Beijing in March 2009 China corporate headquarters

  • In June 2009 GC group, Shanghai, shenzhen, guangzhou branch was established

  • In April 2017 GC group company headquarters was established in Tokyo Japan

  • In June 2017 GC group, Osaka, Japan kobe branch established

  • In October 2017 GC group started overseas listing layout

  • GC group, Nagoya, Japan in August 2018 in Okinawa, nai good, song mountain branch established