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About GC Group

Thanks to the love and support of valued customers and partners from all over the world, GC international investment and service group corporation has experienced 14 years of vigorous development with excellent market performance and steady strategic layout.

GC group is the world's leading multinational comprehensive service organization. Founded in 2006, GC group has business in more than 140 countries and regions, serving hundreds of thousands of distinguished customers around the world, focusing on real estate, finance, jewelry, medical, energy and other industries. Headquartered in Japan, the group has branches and branches all over the world.

GC group has a professional, international and collaborative pic elite management team (professional, international Al, cooperative), and a global leading, experienced, authoritative lea professional and technical team. The management and service team of GC group has a deep insight into the development trend of consumption upgrading, technological innovation and service integration, and has increased investment and innovation in the fields of scientific and technological research and development, technological innovation, resource optimization, and operation specifications. With the forward-looking strategic vision of global layout, localization, systematic development and personalized service, the management and service team of GC group has formed a large-scale development of the group and provided integrated services, Launch overseas listing layout.

Relying on JP With the cooperation and full support of Morgan, NASDAQ, HSBC, Japan Medical Association Consortium, Sumitomo Mitsui bank, Tokyo Medical University, GIA, etc., GC group provides high-value and high-quality excellent products and services for high-quality customers in the world with diversified business layout, scarce service resources and differentiated service capabilities Experience.

 Global Strategy

Taking customer value as the center, GC has realized diversified and accurate investment layout around the world, focusing on building scarce service resources and differentiated service capabilities of real estate, finance, jewelry and medical energy, forming branches and service networks covering Japan, China, Europe, the Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Chairman Message

With the care and strong support of customers and partners from all walks of life in the industrial chain, GC group has been holding its head high for 14 years. On behalf of GC group, I would like to express my sincere thanks to each of our customers and partners!

Since its inception, we have always put the interests of our customers first, continuously strengthened product and service innovation, steadily expanded service resources and market territory around the world, and formed a complete operation system and service capability in the fields of medical services, real estate management, financial services, jewelry appraisal, etc.

GC group has an excellent professional management team and professional service team, as well as a group of authoritative and experienced expert consultants in the industry. Relying on the innovative frontier service standards, strong and stable service network, and obvious product system, GC has won the trust and praise of customers, and its revenue, profit and market layout are growing steadily. We will continue to deepen product innovation and service andInnovation, maintain a strong momentum of development.

In 2018, GC group launched the high-end medical service plan to Japan. We are the only overseas member of the Japanese medical consortium Association, which has the world's top medical experts and scarce medical resources from the Japanese Medical Association. We hope to bring the most advanced medical technology, top experts and service resources of Japan to customers all over the world by virtue of the exclusive advantages in the medical field and the deep foundation of diversified industries, so as to make exploration to meet the needs of different medical consumers and upgrade medical services; At the same time, we also hope to make some contribution to global cultural exchange and industrial cooperation with the help of top medical services.

In 2020, we will open the group business to the international plan. We are doing our best to expand our geographic service in the future. As we continue to expand, our global knowledge and business acumen enable the GC group to provide professional services to more partners and customers. We are looking forward to building a blueprint, creating dreams, sharing wealth and win-win future in the next 14 years!

Company history

  • In March 2009, GC group established its headquarters in Japan

  • In June 2009, GC group, a branch of GC group, was established

  • In April 2017, GC group established its headquarters in Tokyo

  • In April 2017, GC group established its headquarters in Tokyo

  • In June 2017, GC group had 28 branches all over the world

    Asia China (Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Wuhan, Qingdao), Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo, Osaka)
    Middle East UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)
    Europe Italy (Rome) Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) France (Paris) UK (London) Switzerland (Geneva)
    USA (Los Angeles, New York) Australia (Sydney)
    Southeast Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam
  • In October 2017, GC group launched overseas listing layout