On May 11, 2019, the "GC organization medical expert presentation meeting" was ceremoniously held at the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club. The meeting was held by huixintianhe health management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (GC). Ms. Shimazaki Zhuli, President of the group, and Mr. Zhao Jian, HR Director of the group were invited. At the same time, Dr. Zhao, a domestic medical expert, as well as representatives and distinguished guests from a number of well-known institutions were invited to participate in the meeting. This activity is rich and colorful. It not only has a simple description of GC institutions, but also has a professional sharing of medical knowledge about cancer stem cell treatment and prevention, diabetes research and prevention and treatment. This activity provides a smooth communication platform for GC institutions to visit Japan for medical services.

At the beginning of the activity, the host Deng Biyu introduced the theme of the activity, "cancer stem cell treatment and prevention, diabetes research and prevention treatment", and introduced the whole process of the activity.

First of all, Mr. Zhao Jian comprehensively and systematically introduced the global layout of GC institutions. GC's headquarters are set up in Hong Kong, China. Meanwhile, GC's branches and service networks are also set up in mainland China and Japan. Mr. Zhao Jian introduced that in 2018, GC was honored to become the only overseas member unit of the Japanese medical consortium and one of the members of JMA, which laid a solid foundation and firm determination for GC to launch medical projects in Japan.

Subsequently, ebullience of President Shimazaki Juri, GC, expounded on the reasons and confidence of her decision to start the big health business. At the same time, he also put forward his own views on medical treatment in Japan. He also introduced the advantages of GC Health medical treatment and the advanced nature and characteristics of Japanese medical resources at present. The speech full of positive energy by President Dao was warmly applauded by the distinguished guests.

Carefully and attentively explain the dream of the teacher to comprehensively and systematically elaborate the medical part of GC health. Because GC health has strong endorsement, rich medical resources and high medical status of Japanese medical consortia and doctors' associations, VIPs can enjoy high-end medical services in Japan in a short period of time through the platform of GC for physical examination and diagnosis and treatment in Japan, and quickly make appointments with famous hospitals and top experts and professors in Japan, And the top hospitals and expert teams in Japan provide professional diagnosis services in time to meet the needs of every VIP for medical institutions and medical experts.

Dream also elaborated two important identities in the field of Japanese medical treatment, the Japanese medical consortium and the Japanese doctors' Association. The Japanese cabinet government first pays the expenses of medical research and development, scientific and technological research and development to the medical consortia, and then the medical consortia allocates the expenses to the major medical schools and hospitals, including the research institutes and pharmaceutical factories of the hospitals. In the Medical Association, there are medical experts and professors in the medical field and scholars who have won the Nobel prize every year. Through the detailed elaboration of dream dream, we have a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of Japanese medical consortia and doctors' meeting.

Next, dreamdream introduces the GC advantages that you are interested in. The first is the exclusive medical resources, and the second is the medical channel. For university hospitals, research institutes and university hospitals under consortia cooperating with GC institutions, VIP can make appointments to the hospitals they want to visit only 1-3 days in advance, and can make appointments to top experts who are very difficult to meet. GC will provide exclusive service programs for VIPs according to the needs of prevention and treatment, medical examination, etc. of these institutions. And the medical experts in GC's service network are all top 20 experts and scholars in Japan, which can really meet the needs of customers for doctors.

At last, dreamdream systematically introduces the medical examination service of GC in Japan. Experts of the Medical Association cooperated by GC organization provide all-round high-end experience services and precise physical examination services in the whole physical examination process. Doctors can visually see the current physical condition of VIP by analyzing the detailed data report generated after physical examination. The medical experts of the Medical Association will make a comprehensive analysis and judgment of the physical examination report, and make a special in-depth treatment, preventive treatment or later care plan for the VIP's condition. GC organization can not only provide the VIP with a concealed, private and comfortable environment for physical examination, but also provide the VIP with a concealed, private, comfortable and convenient channel for the needs of preventive medical technology and in-depth diagnosis and treatment.

At the end of the sharing meeting, Dr. Zhao, a famous domestic medical expert, brought the sharing of cancer stem cell treatment and prevention, diabetes research and prevention and treatment. Dr. Zhao first of all on the prevention and treatment of diabetes guidelines, prevention and treatment programs, diabetes complications and so on a comprehensive and systematic description. This paper introduces the new scheme and new therapy in the field of diabetes prevention and rehabilitation in Japan. The rich content, authoritative voice and new situation are welcomed by the participants.

Secondly, Dr. Zhao conducted extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on cancer and stem cell related issues and reports, combined with the development trend of cancer and Japan's NK stem cell research field at home and abroad, and discussed the relationship between NK stem cells and cancer from the perspective of cell immune cells, which is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

In this activity, the active participants had a systematic exchange and interaction, and everyone had a deep and systematic understanding of GC's medical services to Japan. After listening to the explanation of medical experts on the prevention and treatment of cancer stem cells and diabetes, we have a deeper communication and exchange through continuous questions and expert answers. We have a deeper understanding and understanding of cancer stem cell treatment and prevention and diabetes research and prevention and treatment, and have gained valuable medical knowledge.

In the future, GC institutions will hold more medical knowledge exchange and sharing meetings, pay attention to more hot medical areas, and deliver more cutting-edge medical information and quality services to people, so as to contribute to promoting the development of large health industry and health China.