Do you know about diabetes

At present, diabetes increased mortality rate is the fastest, after cardiovascular disease and cancer, is the third largest clinical cause of death

1. Diabetes is the most afraid of
In fact, diabetes is not terrible, terrible is complications. Stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, amputations, multiple system failure, cause because of diabetes. Lifetime have diabetes and take insulin, can only delay the development of the complications, popular said, as the internal bubble on the sugar in the water for a long time, the body simply can't stand it. The old patient asked, I only have to eat too much sugar diabetes? It's not, it is because of pancreatic beta cells secrete a kind of the only hormone insulin to lower blood sugar in the body, as a result of imbalance of supply and demand. When the high blood sugar to a certain range, the glucose from the discharge of urine, is what we call the diabetes.


2. What kind of people prone to diabetes
A: people with A family history, five times more than the average person risk, A parent sick children's risk for 20-30%, parents sick children risk 60-70%, basic can't run.

B: in the old, middle-aged, pressure stress, reduce motion, low caloric intake of high consumption, various viscera aging, cell function recession, could lead to diabetes.

C: fat, diabetes is generally held high blood pressure, in the blood, both of which is the most common complication of diabetes, but it is also a risk factor for diabetes, causal. Belong to metabolic disease, dyslipidemia and diabetes have a common basis.

D: smokers, smoking can make multiple organ damage, especially in the cardiovascular system, smokers as diabetes aimed at a target.


3. How to monitor yourself if you have diabetes
About half of the patients to see a doctor at ordinary times when blood sugar is often very high, not found have diabetes. So we should have an understanding about physical condition, diabetes has obvious sanduo a few symptoms, more drink more eat much urine and angular, accompanied by depressed, tiredness, dry skin, female menstruation to be not moved, male impotence, not at this time should be to the hospital to check blood sugar.