GC health is a wholly-owned project of GC institutions in the medical service industry.

The fastest and slowest in the world,

The longest and shortest,

The most ordinary and precious,

The most neglected and regretful,

It's time.

GC. Tianhe will rely on the comprehensive strength and strong service ability of GC institutions in international medical services, financial services, real estate management, jewelry appraisal and other fields. GC. Tianhe will gather international authoritative medical diagnosis and treatment experts to reach a comprehensive strategic partnership with dozens of top medical service institutions in Japan.

Time flies,

It's overwhelming,

Trying to remember the old days,

But the capacity of memory is limited,

How do you remember,

I can't remember a trace.

In 2018, GC organization joined the prestigious Japan Medical consortia Association, becoming the only overseas member unit of Japan Medical consortia Association. Group president Shimazaki Zhuli is responsible for the coordination of affairs in the consortia Association on behalf of GC.

As Japan's top consortia Association, the Japan Medical consortia association only absorbs high-end people from Japan's medical industry, political circles, business circles, royal families and nobles as its members. The association is responsible for the budget review, strategic development, scientific research funding review, new drug approval, doctors' overseas assignment and other major fields of the Japan's top medical industry association, the Japanese doctors association (JMA), It has a high degree of decision-making power in the Japanese medical community.

Our vision

GC will play a unique role in the medical consortia Association, always adhere to the service concept of customer interest first, the principle of global layout and regional coordinated development, and provide high-quality, scarce and international exclusive medical services for every distinguished member of GC and the vast number of overseas medical consumers.